the network and short history of GCP

Garden Community Project is a network of people, homes and business dedicated to elevating the principals of practical sustainability in all matters of community and business. Relatedness, to ourselves and each other and to the living world that sustains us is a primary source of energy for these projects.

The people involved in the projects collectively known as the GCP are currently committed to a minimum of 4 hours per week to develop skills and build community in all ways.  This could amount to 108 hours or more per week, of human commitment to conscious evolution if it were directed with intention.

Among us currently are 4 stewards and 22 additional residents, growing community in a variety of ways, from cohousing, and permaculture to real estate investment and transportation co-op.  Our stewards are involved in participating in, creating and facilitating Conscious Evolution trainings in LA, Phoenix, Denver, Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Our collective skill set is vast and our resources are abundant.

We are currently in the process of developing agreements for shareholders and investors which will allow every resident and potential investor the opportunity to form our collective future.

We strive to protect local water rights as a generational commitment.  Equal access to clean air, food, water and tenable land are basic inalienable rights and practical sustainability demands that all needs are met with available resources of the community and respect for all of life.

An early project of the GCP was The Albuquerque Barter Community, a completely volunteer organization, connecting over 400 neighbors/members through alternative currency, beginning in 1997.

Garden Community Project: Our community projects for the last 2 decades have grown to include 5 distinct and interconnected properties;

The Love Farm, 6 homes, warehouse sharing shop, and large gardens;

Grandma’s Garden, 5 homes, a 3000+ sq ft multi-purpose ware house and large gardens with 3 strains of old hearty grape vines and established herbs and flowers

Perry, 3 homes in the heart of the drugged out ghetto in South Valley Albuquerque, praying for stewards to surround it with love, light and green beauty;

New Dawn, rural and rustic retreat space with room for up to 20 humans and abundant room for livestock and gardens as well as hundreds of acres of adjacent public lands, less than one hour from both Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico

A note from Victoria: Personally, I am dedicated to the pursuit of freedom for all life, and consciousness in all relationship.  As an activist, a mother, Breakthrough Coach, real estate investor and social innovator, my skills are abundant and my resume is long; suffice it to say I have raised 3 conscious daughters and helped many people see a world of possibility.  My passions are for all needs to be met and for all humans to know our responsibilities to the past and future.  I teach practical sustainability and I am a lifelong student of social and relational dynamics.  I have 30 years of history with this movement and many of the people who have been active in it since the early 80’s. I dedicate all of my abundant resources and connections to furthering the inevitable.


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Welcome to Garden Community Project.  This site exists to help CREATE Community, we’re glad you could make it.  Our site is evolving, hope you will enjoy your introduction and return many times to visit us online.  Our goal with this site is to inspire you to create community wherever you are and perhaps you will join us in Albuquerque and share ideas about living sustainably113.rose logo