Garden Community Project



We are people interested in sustainability as a practical matter.  For some of us it has been a life long quest to find the balance of living in society and honoring the environment as our life support system, not something “out there”, apart from us.  For others it has become obvious that the way we live in Western society is impractical, unsustainable, to thrive as a society, even as a species we must find solutions to the problems that are associated with what we have come to know as the extraction economy.

Some of us have come together to explore how living in community supports us and moves us in the direction of sustainability.  We live in close proximity to each other and share similar values.  We have basic requests of each other such as respect of personal space and boundaries, a willingness to communicate about needs, and a genuine concern for the well being of the earth, and its inhabitants .  We have found a common bond in our interest in co-creating a sustainable living environment.  This includes but is not limited to gardening together and supporting the local CSA’s, recycling, ride-sharing and childcare, as well as sharing responsibility for the work of caring for the land and other resources.  We share meals with those we live closest to and we have a potluck once a month for the greater community as an opportunity to network and share  ideas.

We are people of all ages and interests who have diverse backgrounds and talents.  We are of varying philosophies and belief systems.  What we agree on consistently, is a desire to contribute our energies to living sustainably now.  We may do this in many different ways but we believe that is the nature of sustainability; to consider all the factors in the environment and make the choice that creates a win for the people involved, a win for the environment, and a win for the society .

We believe it is possible to contribute more than you consume, to leave things better than you found them, and that things are made better by the choices we make every day.  We also believe that life is made easier when you share with others and everything is more fun when you share the load.  We also understand that relationships take effort and communication, and we are committed to doing this work for the sake of our families and our planet.


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