Where we live

About where we live

We live in tiny homes with gardens. There are 18 dwellings on 4 parcels of land in the South Valley and East Mountains of Albuquerque New Mexico

The semi rural collection of 13 tiny homes…
Very conveniently located in the South Valley just five minutes from downtown, the freeways and Old town.   We are a short bike ride to the zoo and the bio park, busing and biking are realistic options from here especially on the new buses with bike racks.  The down town transfer station is a ten minute bike ride for a seasoned cyclist.  We live in a wonderful family neighborhood near the Atrisco ditch called 5-points by the old timers and Bosque del Valle by the new comers.  We live in a total of 4 houses on Cerro Vista Rd SW and 7 houses on Young Ave  SW.

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Cerro Vista Road (Grandma’s Garden)

Located on  Cerro Vista and Shelburn roads are several houses and multi unit condo type homes.  One two bedroom, home with it’s own front and back yards.  A duplex with a two bedroom, two bath house  and a one bedroom with beautiful permaculture gardens .   These two homes share a laundry room and a wonderful covered patio as well as an enclosed  back yard.  Each of these three houses look south on to the garden fence and grape vines.  Just East of the duplex is a large warehouse and another large home.  This land has been gardened for nearly 80 years, my Great Grandmother, Viola was gardening on this land and irrigating with the ditch since some time in the ‘3o’s.  Grandma Viola built most of these dwellings during the second world war and a host of friends and relatives have helped her take care of them and upgrade them ever since.

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Young Avenue (The Love Farm)

Just a short walk down the ditch are three more properties.   A cute one bedroom casita on the ditch and next door  a two bedroom house .  On the next parcel to the East is a tri-plex with a three bedroom home and a one bedroom and a nice sunny studio. Across the street to the south is a one bedroom house with a studio and another larger studio waiting to be rehabilitated.

We are presently using hugel culture and straw bale gardening techniques as well as a modernized version of traditional acequia gardening here and we have planted many fruit trees and vines over the years .  Our primary focus is permaculture and bio dynamic gardening.

It is just wonderful to be out under the elms and cottonwoods and the mulberries in the morning.  Some hens and several Guineas back there  are making short work of the weeds as well as providing meat and eggs for the community.  We can officially call these places on Young “The Love Farm”.  One of the things I like about this place is that you walk right out of the garden gate to the west on to the ditch and move between these two sub communities and also get around to the buses and trails for walking and biking.


Perry road (The Sanctuary)

Just one mile south in a family neighborhood are a collection of 3 tiny homes and a large plot of land surrounded by trees. This land is crying for stewardship and the blessing of hands in the dirt. It has the space and the infrastructure to be a space of healing gardens and outdoor gathering place of medium sized groups of 10-25 people. These homes are currently magnetizing their long term occupants to join us…maybe you know who that is…

New Dawn Community Retreat and Re-Creation Center

The rural retreat…Almost one hour drive from the South Valley properties, up a bumpy dirt road is a small collection of mobile homes. There is plenty of parking and camping space. Abundant water, power and Internet. There are trails to hike on the adjacent land and a sweat lodge and ceremony space lovingly built by the New Warriors. There are plans for wood fired hot tub, out door kitchen and shower and larger permanent structures.

This space is currently available for your family and community retreat.  If you come to stay for a bit please bring your own basic supplies including fire wood and bedding. Presently we are requesting contributions only to cover monthly operating costs.